LOVE-JIHAD: True story of a girl

“Love-Jihad”..when I heard this term first time..I did not get it actually. Gradually I got to know what it was all about ! I was following news reports..listening debates over this “term”. People were falling in love..and they are being converted or molded into something,they are not actually. Politicians were fighting on news activists were delivering their own speeches..intellectual people were showing off their so-called “secularism” ..
I was just watching and listening silently. I am a girl of 21st century and I believe everyone should be given right to select their own partner. No one has any right to interfere in someone’s life.
If someone falls in love with a person of different religion..1st thing they have to hear is “why can’t u find a girl/boy in your own community?? So many good girls and boys are there in our community”. TRUE..indeed !! Why to love someone..whose culture doesn’t match with our culture. But..there is a word which we call “feeling”. We can’t force someone to love a particular person. But our Indian society does so.
I switched the channel and saw a word flashing on News Channel “LOVE-JIHAD”. I could not stop myself to watch that news, put the remote aside and got glued on TV. Whatever..the anchor was speaking about seemed to me true !!!
A debate was going on a National news channel. I heard a politician saying “we are making an army to save our sisters..!!”. A whole army to save a girl..hmm..sounds good!! Another Politician said “you can’t stop girls and boys..falling in love !!”. Hmm…he is right too..!! I was watching them patiently and ultimately I got irritated and shouted “shut up u *******…stop uttering these shits”. And I decided to write a 1st blog, ever !!
Let me tell you..I neither support nor criticize a particular religion. I am not communal. I am writing on behalf of an Indian girl..who wants freedom..who expects people to listen to her..who wants her lover to take a stand against this society..who wants to cry out there “please let me live my own life”..who wants to hang all those bigot people who has made her life hell..who wants to love a man of her dream and wants to spend rest of her life with him..
But unfortunately she can’t do anything except thinking and fighting with herself because she can’t fight with her family..she can’t go against this society !! Because she is a “GIRL”..and she’ll have to follow the rules which has been concreted only for HER !!
Lets start this from a real incidence..
I am sorry Ragini (changed name)…but I can’t stop myself sharing your story and the mental torture you are going through. I Know people are deaf..they can’t listen..but at least they can read…
“Ragini (a hindu punjabi) is in love with a Muslim guy. She never intended to love him because she knew it was going to be very difficult . But it happened !! “He is different from all other boys of his the one I always wanted to have. But he is Muslim!!” she once told me.
“Our family is not gonna get ready .”
Obviously (yeah…I mentioned..Obviously..!!).
“what about his family ??” I asked
Ragini told me “They will accept me if I convert myself into a Muslim..HE TOLD ME”
I decided to talk to her boyfriend. I met him (I have this instinct to go into a depth of a case to find out the solution)..asked few questions..and he could not answer them.
These questions are,for all those guys..who pretend to be in love..
Here is the conversation..If any one of you can are invited !!
“Do you love Ragini??” I asked
“yes I do..” He said
“Are you a secular or a communal?”
“Obviously a secular and a liberal one !! That is why I dared to love a girl of a different religion !!”
“I appreciate that !! What is the problem then??”
“Our Religion !!”
“Our religion or her religion???”
“well..mmm..look she is a Hindu..and you know how difficult it is to …”
“…difficult??? And you call yourself Secular and liberal!!” I interrupted to fire some more question..
“..please listen at least !! Difficult to convince my family.. They will get ready only if she accepts our religion.. !!”
“what about her family..if they ask you to do the same..what will you do ??”
He was silent, I did not wait for his reply either.. I continued..”Will you convert yourself and adopt her religion??”
“You are an MBA, working in an MNC your girl is an MBA too…and you still believe in these old-rituals. C’mon dude..isn’t this enough that you guys love each other!! If you guys understand each people are aware of your needs..then what is the problem!! You follow your traditions and let her follow her own.. Respect her traditions and she will respect yours.. !!”
“set an this society..If u educated people (so-called) will not initiate..who will ???? If you really love her..accept her with her own identity..with her own surname..with everything. Accept her the way she is..!! I know you are a fan of SALMAAN KHAN..your girl-friend told me so..Why don’t you learn something from him..from his family ??. If her religion, her name is going to create troubles for you and you find it so problematic then accept that you do not love her. GO and love someone who has name of your choice..who belongs to your community.”
He looked down.. This time, I waited for his reply.
“Even if we get married..our shadi (marriage) will be considered as HARAM (illegal..that can’t be accepted by society) .. My eyes were wide opened..”Am I talking to a boy of 21st century..?? Go for a registered-marriage”.
“..still!!!” he said.
I was stunned..I never ever thought in my dream..this word “still” could have ever acted like a thunderbolt.
I just realized..whatever I said was useless to him. It was like talking to an empty-head man !! Or a man whose Head was already filled with craps..!!

I left the place with Ragini and suggested her…”Do whatever you want to do but be careful because this man is not going to support you..for any of your action.”. This is what I could say being a Β friend to her.
When I watched this news..I Just decided to put her story on a blog.
Before that, I called Ragini..and found out that they were not in relationship anymore. It was hurting..!!! Whatever she told me..was shocking and embarrassing.
Well I do not blame him. He loved her..for sure !! But everyone has a fear of “honor-Killing”..everyone loves their family . And it ended before it started.
Now I am left with few questions. I ask to those..who go to hard..and call them modern and educated :
1) Who should we blame to create this term LOVE-JIHAD??
2) Who is responsible for giving a chance to orthodox people to rule us ??
3) If you love your partner (hindu/muslim whosoever)..WHY are you so hesitant to accept them with their own identity??
4) Why are you afraid of bringing changes which are good for our society ??
5) Why can’t we choose a partner of our own choice?? Why do we put religion before someone’s qualities??


33 thoughts on “LOVE-JIHAD: True story of a girl

  1. utkarsh says:

    I jus wanna say that evry1 has the rgt to chose there partner or loved1 bt after seing the condition of gals who did that in past just want to save them..nthng eles

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  2. Be encouraged! Here’s a point I may share at this time: Marriage is more than a personal relationship based upon intimacy, because marriage establishes bonds, contracts and obligations vital to continuing community, family, and even national identity. By contrast, romantic love is exclusive, intimate, and private—not merely because of health and reproduction issues—because we must be accountable for our own emotional, psychological and spiritual purity. As young people (present writer included), we are not as alert and careful as we must become to meet the many adult challenges of sexuality and stable relationships. Many do not accept that their’s is a spiritual being as well as an intellectual and physical being. Sexual joining is emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual all at the same time. Thus, a kiss on the cheek, or simply holding hands can be a deep expression of love. As we move to maturity, we must understand that “fornication” is the defilement of ones spirit that results by sexual joining. While only 2 partners are visibly together, every past partner is also present, yet, unseen. A guy who “dated” 10 girls brings that “baggage” to his “bed”, and joins to the 7 guys she may have had (do the math); and the 10 may have had 5 each, while the seven only 4 each. Get the idea. Those are the kinds of concerns parents often have, yet, do not directly and clearly voice to their children (especially to those who are not listening). Christians believe that only by GOD can one be “unshackled” and made free from inborn and other spirits that cause such problems as unexpected anger, despair, confusion, and fear that seems to “come from nowhere”.

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    • Hmm agree..
      And I think we should be lenient enough to allow people to merge their culture. It will create a society and people , who will learn to accept one another with the same love, they have for their culture n people.


  3. First of All… I am delighted to see that finally you started writing , Congrats for same and keep it up πŸ™‚
    Loved it : Question by you β€œOur religion or her religion???”
    and answer by him β€œEven if we get married..our shadi (marriage) will be considered as HARAM” where he is saying “Yes” =Ha and “Ram” too πŸ™‚


      • Ila, finally u started writing blog, i really appreciates ur efforts and i know u r a brave girl of 21st century, keep it up. Nowadays Lv-jihad is burning issue of India. And mostly such issues r raised in our society by the pseudosecular ppls, in actual those ppl r communal and pretend to be secular. I dnt kw why there is need of convert ur religion after marriage, if u truely lv each other, ridiculous. That’s d totally biased decision and u hv no right to call urself “liberal”. I too kw a one more case of lv-jihad, in which boy is kashmiri muslim and girl is a brahmin but not going to elaborate right nw, i will discuss it some other time….i think u r also aware abt this case…..Good going ila, keep it up…


  4. akanksha says:

    Hey love.. nice to see you writing.. Wish u all d very best..!!!! n hope dese thoughts open up some minds as well. keep going, a long way to go.. Lots of love n best wishes.. :* :*


  5. We should do all we can to usher religion into the 21st century lest we lose all contact with God. People are starting to realize that religion is a shackle to humanity. It hurts more than heals at this stage in time. We must do what we can to change that.


    • As far as I am Muslim believes that a boy can love a boy or a girl can love a girl. I have surveyed on this subject and I found Hindus (very few) are more lenient and comfortable to accept such kind of relationships. But no Muslim will ever accept this. This is all Against “Islam”. According to them.


      • According to most Muslims, yes, but I read a very interesting book some years ago by a Lesbian Muslim who argued that the Koran can be interpreted as forbidding lust but not love. But in any case, my firm belief, as an atheist, is that love should be allowed to flourish where it can, as long as no harm is done.


  6. yhiena says:

    I and my ex bf ( we broke up 2 weeks ago) have a same story with Ragina. But difference was we were in long distance relationship. Im a christian and he is muslim. We cant be together even we love each other so much. I would want to tell u my story. U might want to blog it too. Please kindly message me in whatsapp +6398363604.

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  7. bold says:

    Whatever is the discussion here truth is different and it is to blame for islam religion. There is no fight between a Hindu -Christian or Christian -Hindu. why only with Islam. Muslims are aggressive and merciless their aim is to convert that is because Quran says so…!!!! – that’s is what happened for India. Centuries they came, looted, forced, raped, tortured, murdered for the sake of conversion. Celebrity too are to be blamed here. all major actors like salman, javed, dilipkumar, amirkhan, saif …married only Hindus and many of them multiple wives why? In India people follow hero’s….particularity those who are less educated or from medium family. Rule of marrying multiple women must be banned first. what is wrong in that when we ban sati or child marriage boldly and proudly say so. Being majority we are afraid in our own area to move freely due to fear of these minority aggressive community and rule of law. Many Muslim boys kidnap and force to have intercourse due to social stigma and fear girl end up with conversion and a breeding female to produce some more Muslims.

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    • ..and the problem is…even the educated muslims do not dare to think beyond their religion and come forward to criticize terrorism, love jihad and other meaningless practices.


  8. Narendra says:

    Islam is not the religion….It is a religious army ,,which needs lot’s of womb…And every muslims committed for that,

    Can some one a ideal husband in islam like lord RAM ????

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